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The Beautiful Wedding

Today was the big wedding. I arrived at the church early and a friend of mine showed me what to do to be a Eucharistic Minister for the celebration. When we finished, we looked for the tabernacle, which wasn’t apparently visible. We walked to the red lighted candle and found the huge gold tabernacle held in it’s own chapel behind the altar. It was on a pedestal made of large angels and was surrounded by kneelers. We went in, knelt, and said a few prayers. I asked for a special blessing over the couple about to be wed. When I finished, I was weepy. I looked at my friend who was standing by the door and he also was teary-eyed. It was reminiscent of our time working in youth ministry. Actually, much of the weekend reminded me of our Workcamp experiences in ironic and humorous ways. We composed ourselves and made our way out to get ready for the wedding. It was beautiful – of course. The young bride had attended to every detail. The ceremony was moving. One of the young readers gave them a glance as she read the words, “the two shall become one”. The music was excellent and many of the participants responded to the prayers and sang along. Of course, seeing the bride and groom commit themselves to one another was the most emotional. I was so happy for them to have found one another. I was overjoyed to be able to spend so much time with old friends. And again, I felt so blessed to be invited to this wonderful celebration and to participate in such a meaningful way.

I Found God today in a meaningful, emotional, joyful celebration of two young people as they married.

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