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Parkinson’s Victories

While my mom was at her exercise class today, I went walking with 2 other caregivers whose husbands have Parkinson’s. As we walk, we talk about the disease and how it affects our loved ones and ourselves, among other things. Today we shared some of the victories we had over the weekend. One story in particular was about one of the men who was an avid fisherman. Since he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s, he has not been able to enjoy the sport. His wife said over the weekend, they went fishing. She helped tie the fly on the line and in no time at all, he was casting as he used to. He even caught a couple of fish. He said while he was fishing, he didn’t even remember he had Parkinson’s. Tonight, my mom and I watched America Ninja Warrior. One of the competitors had Parkinson’s. He admitted that he went into a deep depression when he was diagnosed as a young man. But then he decided to keep moving. He trained, lost weight, and got strong. It was amazing to watch him navigate the course. I could see the tremor in his hand even as he stopped a few seconds to get set for the next obstacle. In the interview, he said the same words – when he works out and participated in events, he doesn’t even think about having Parkinson’s. Even though he didn’t complete the course, he was victorious.

I Found God today in big and small victories as people work to overcome struggles.

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