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Singing Hymns

My mom and I went to church this morning and sat in our “usual spot”. Typically my mom sits on the end so it is easy for the Eucharistic Ministers who deliver communion to those who have a difficult time going down the main aisle. Next to my mom would be my dad, then me and/or whoever else comes with us. Since my dad is still out of town, I sat next to my mom. Her voice gets very quiet now due to the Parkinson’s Disease. But today when the entrance hymn began, I was pleasantly surprised to hear my mom singing. Her voice was strong and on pitch. I thought about how sometimes when I was a child, I would get embarrassed by her powerful operatic voice. People would always turn and look when she sang in church. Today I thought it was one of the most beautiful things I had heard.

I Found God today hearing my mom sing.

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