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Visions of Children

Today was First Communion at Mass. The priest spoke of the innocence of children. He said the children at their age are still open and connected to the spiritual realm. He suggested that when babies and infants smile in their sleep, they are seeing angels. He also said that when the children want to tell us stories of what they see or think, we should listen. As we get older, we tend to dismiss the truth of God, angels, and our souls. Children can help us connect with the spiritual side of life. I thought about my granddaughter and some of the “stories” she tells that are spiritual in nature. It definitely makes me take a step back and ponder what she might be experiencing. The priest also encouraged the parents to take the protection of their childrens’ souls very seriously. Parents are responsible for continuing to bring their children to God – to receive Jesus in Holy Communion past this day. When it came time for the Our Father prayer, I could hear the children above the rest of the congregation. How wonderful it would be if it were like that every week.

I Found God today in innocent children receiving their first Holy Communion.

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