Aware of Angels

In my Bible class tonight, we read the book of Tobit. It is a beautiful story of 2 people who were going through very difficult times. They remained faithful and both cried out to God in prayer at the same time. God heard them and sent Raphael the archangel who helped and healed them. After […]

Lighting the Night

For some reason, just a few weeks ago I realized that a statue I have of Our Lady of Lourdes glows in the dark. I have had it for a number of years and it is on the dresser located parallel to my head when I lay down. When I first became aware of it, […]

Miracle Baby

My mom, her friend and I went to lunch today. When we arrived, we noticed that it seemed to be “ladies day”. We were seated by the drink machine so we saw pretty much everyone who came in. There was one man in the whole place and a steady stream of women kept coming – […]

Diner Guardian Angel

I checked on a friend this evening as many of her loved ones are having difficulties right now. She told me a crazy story about an incident her brother in law had yesterday morning. He was sitting in a diner alone having breakfast. There was another man there who was agitated and giving him dirty […]

Angel of the Intersection

There was a big rainstorm here this afternoon and I got a notice that a certain intersection was flooded. My dad said he remembered that my mom had some incidents in that same intersection. Many, many years ago, my mom had all 5 of us kids in the car and had gone to the grocery […]

Miniature Problems

Tonight on the news I saw a story about some veterans who were able to take a ride in an old World War 1 airplane. They were all in their 80’s. In the interview, one woman who actually piloted the same kind of airplane commented how different things are when you’re high above the city. […]

A New Angel

The other morning I received word that a coworker and friend had passed away. I read through her obituary today and reflected on her life. I met the tiny woman when I started working for the church about 15 years ago. Although small in stature, I quickly realized she had a big faith. She shared […]

Praying Like an Angel

Today in church, a woman whom I had met before and her young son came and sat at the end of our row. After I received Communion, I headed back to my seat. The woman was behind me, but her son had already made his way back into the row. He was kneeling with his […]

Look Up

Today on The Epiphany of the Lord, I heard the usual Scripture story of the wise men finding Jesus in the manger by following His star. The priest’s homily led me to reflect on this story a little further. The magi were what I will call secular – they were not of a religious background. […]

Church and Lights

My parents and I went to church tonight to celebrate the Feast of the Immaculate Conception of Mary. After, we decided to look at Christmas lights. A friend told me where there was a house that had the lights synchronized to music. What I remembered from the directions was to go up a certain road […]