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Made It

Some days I am just grateful to make it through the day without having to go to the hospital. Today was one of those days. My mom hadn’t been feeling well since Wednesday. She had a bit of a sore throat that got much worse and then developed a cough. I had her take the rapid COVID test Thursday and Friday mornings. Both were negative. It really hurt for her to swallow, so I was glad to be able to get her to the doctor who did a strep and COVID test. Those also came back negative. He gave her steroids to help her feel better. She started on those today, but felt pretty bad this morning and spent most of the time in bed. I was happy that she got up in the afternoon and showered and ate. I was grateful that my son picked up some Kleenex and lozenges for us. I am mostly grateful to get her all tucked back in bed and ready to lay down myself.

I Found God today making it to the end of the day.

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