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Sharing Food

Today I saw a touching story. A woman talked about how her older children were now out of the house so she doesn’t cook very much any more. But she decided to make dinner for herself one night. Not knowing how to prepare a small amount, she cooked a large meal. She had so much left over and got an idea to share it with some homeless people, so she made up some plates, picked up a friend, and headed over to the area. She handed a plate to a grateful man and continued on. She came to a mother with three children and handed them the food. Come to find out, the woman had been praying just at that moment that God would help her to feed her kids. The woman telling her story was overcome. When she decided to share her food, she didn’t pray about it or anything like that. She was just doing what she felt was right. And God used her generosity to answer the prayers of a struggling mother. It was a beautiful story.

I Found God today in a story of God working through others.

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