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Calmed the Cryer

I usually don’t go to the grocery store on Saturday, but it needed to be done today. As I made my way through the crowded aisles, I heard the sound of a baby crying. I felt so bad for the baby and the parent. Trying to finish a shopping trip with a crying baby is one of the hardest things to do. As I came near to the sound, I saw the mom trying to console the infant as she pushed her overflowing cart. A couple came toward her with their own little one perched in a seat in their cart. The mom struck up a conversation with the mother of the crying baby. She asked how old the child was. Come to find out, the infants were the same age. The woman started talking baby who calmed down, seemingly wanting to hear what she had to say. Both the mothers and the one dad chatted for a bit, paying attention to the infant who was now quiet. The mom explained that the baby usually sleeps during this time, but decided not to today. The group said their good-byes and the small family made their way down the aisle. I was so impressed with this scene. So many people will judge a mother with a crying baby. People can give mean glances or shake their heads, which only adds to the stress. But this little family took the time to empathize with the mom. For a moment, they calmed the child and cheered the mother. I thought it was beautiful.

I Found God today in an empathetic and caring young family.

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