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Caring Dads

It seemed like dad’s day to me today. When I was out running errands, I saw a man carrying a baby in one of those front carrier devices. I thought it was the cutest thing. As I was checking out, a family came by on their way out of the store. Mom was pushing the cart of merchandise and a little girl was tagging along. Dad (I assume) was pushing another cart with another little girl riding inside. The little girl who was walking fell down and started crying. Mom helped her up and encouraged her to keep going. Dad asked if she was OK as they continued to head for the door. I caught up with them after my purchase as they reached the door. The little girl was still crying, so they stopped and dad had picked her up. He said he knew that hurt and he had fallen down too one time. He put her in the cart ever so gently. They followed behind me and actually parked right next to me. Dad acknowledged that the girl was hurt and was so patient and caring with the little girls. I have seen so many parents just try to make their kids stop crying by telling them it’s not so bad. Seeing these men with their children was a breath of fresh air. Later in the day, my daughter-in-law shared that my son worked today, then came home and painted the bedroom to get ready for their little girl. I felt pretty proud of him and could see him treating his little girl the same as the other men I saw.

I Found God today in loving and caring dads.

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