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Full of Goodness

My parents and I left the house early this morning and started with doctor appointments. First my mom saw the pacemaker clinician. A few weeks ago we connected the pacemaker monitor and transmitted the stored information about the device and how my mom’s heart was working with it. The clinician said that the information showed that the pacemaker is working fine, but that it needs a little more power. So, she turned the voltage up from her seat at the computer. Amazing. Then both my mom and dad saw the cardiologist. Mom was first. She told the doctor that many times she feels tired and weak. He said much of it could be from her medication, but mostly it is because she is 83 years old. That brought a good laugh. Everything else was looking good. Then it was dad’s turn. He talked about his unexplained fainting episode. The doctor did not have the results of the monitor that my dad wore for almost 4 weeks, but both he and my dad felt there would not be anything significant. We will have to see. Other than that, he reduced some of the medication and said my dad should be able to do whatever he wants – including driving. That made my dad pretty happy. Then we went over to my mom’s voice therapy. I have been sitting in the room for this, but today my dad got to have the experience. He was impressed with the process. After that, we went to lunch at a new place that none of us had been to before. The food was great. And even though it was a very noisy place, my mom used her loud voice and we were able to converse somewhat. By the time we got home, we were all exhausted – but in a good way. My dad wasted no time getting behind the wheel and went to the local grocery store to pick up an item. Later, we spoke to my sister on the phone and she was surprised at the volume and clarity of my mom’s speech. All in all, it was an uplifting – though very tiring – day.

I Found God today in good news and experiences during the busy day.

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