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A Healing Mass

Tonight my mother and I attended a “Healing Mass” at our church. The priest was visiting from New Jersey and here for a Catholic conference. He was very charismatic in his words and prayers. The majority of the people in the church were very enthusiastic as his energy was contagious. One thing that really struck me were the 3 things he said we can know from the suffering and death of Jesus Christ. First, that act freed us from our sins. If we repent from them, we are truly forgiven. Second, we have the opportunity to be free from sickness as well. Christ healed people in the scripture and so did His disciples. He wants us to be whole and well. Third, if we are following God’s path for our life, Satan cannot walk that path with us. Satan always tries to pull us off the path, so we need to remain faithful to prayer. He also said that he has read the Bible over 30 times and assured us that he has read the end in which Christ and those who follow Him will win. We know that our world is in a shambles and that evil is all around us. In order to make a difference, we need to separate ourselves from those terrible acts, be a beacon of God’s love, and pray, pray, pray. At the end he prayed over people. As my mom and I waited in the long line, we saw a couple of people who were overcome and fall to the ground. My mom was already weary from the long service and not sure she was up for that, so we decided to leave. Honestly, I was surprised that she had made it that far. I know she will sleep well tonight and wake up refreshed.

I Found God today in a charismatic priest.

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