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Newly Engaged

Today I talked with a young woman who recently became engaged. I have known her and her family for years, and it is hard to believe she is even old enough for this to happen. She told me the beautiful story of their relationship. They met each other 4 years ago when they were both […]

Grandson’s Birthday

Today is my younger grandson’s birthday. He had his big party yesterday and I was sad not to be there. This was the first time that I have not made his birthday cake as I am so far away now. Also sad. But I saw lots of pictures and we exchanged texts during the day. […]

Reaching Out

Just yesterday my parents and I were discussing the plight of the world and how it can seem completely overwhelming to try to make a positive difference or stand up for what is right and good. It was suggested that we do what we should do and leave everyone else to their own devices. If […]

Learning to Drive

My nephew has been learning to drive. His mom takes him out driving every now and again in the big busy city they live in. It has been challenging to say the least. They stayed overnight last night and when I asked this morning what people wanted to do, it was suggested that I take […]

Difficult Conversations

Tonight there was a family dinner with all my siblings and my parents – along with my brother-in-law and nephew. It has been 3 years since we have all been together. My dad has been thinking a lot about the future and finances – particularly since his recent medical issue. So, he took the opportunity to […]

Awesome Beauty of Creation

It started out to be a gorgeous day. My brother who is visiting and I went out for a walk first thing. The deep blue sky was cloudless and the mountains jetted up in the background as green and lush as I have ever seen, except for the treeless top and a few pockets of snow […]

Scooter in the Store

Today my mom and I made a trip to Target to get birthday presents for my grandson. We brought her walker which makes it easier for her to walk, but even with that she can only go for a certain time and distance. The last time we were in the store, we tried to figure […]

Made It

When my brother came to visit for Christmas, he had one of his back pain episodes. It was tough to see him struggle. He could barely get around and eventually we had to call the paramedics. It got better, but it is a weak spot for him. A few months ago, he scheduled some time […]

Mountaintop Memorial

A friend of my parents from their mountain cabin neighborhood passed away a few months ago. She suffered many years with Alzheimer’s and the husband did such an amazing job taking care of her. Even when she was unable to communicate, he traveled with her, brought her around for visits and made sure she was always […]

Taking Action

Recently, when I was out for my morning walk, I noticed that there is a lot of litter on the grass next to the sidewalk – especially along the main road. I thought that it would be a good idea to just grab a bag and go along my route picking up trash. But that […]