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Taking Action

Recently, when I was out for my morning walk, I noticed that there is a lot of litter on the grass next to the sidewalk – especially along the main road. I thought that it would be a good idea to just grab a bag and go along my route picking up trash. But that is where is stopped – a thought. Yes, I continued to take the route and continued to think about what a good idea it is, but don’t really want to be touching garbage. Besides, the city probably has “people” who will come and clean it up. The other day as I was walking along the main street, I came upon a man walking towards me. He had a bag in one hand, and the other hand had a glove on. I wondered what he was up to. Then I saw him pick up a bottle and put it in his bag. I passed him and said good morning, still wondering what exactly he was doing. Was he picking up stuff to use, or to recycle? Did he have to do community service? I can be so skeptical and judgmental it is awful! Today on my walk, I went a different direction and headed up a long hill. I spotted the man again pretty far ahead of me – bag in one hand and glove on the other. We were walking about the same pace, so I watched him for a while. When he came upon any piece of trash, he would stop and pick it up. This man was doing exactly what I thought I should have done. He took the action that I did not. In the end, I thought of many reasons why I should not and that won out. I was humbled by the man’s actions as he made this little section of the world a little bit nicer. I guess I need to continue working on taking action when I feel God’s promptings.

I Found God today in a man taking action and making a small positive difference in the world.

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