Today my mom had some energy when she woke up, which was wonderful. After she got ready for her day, she did some cleaning up and dusting. Then she got tired. I encouraged her to lay down and relax. She was afraid she would go to sleep. I told her that was perfectly fine if […]

Needed Relief

A couple of months ago I was able to get set up with a caregiving service, figuring I would need the additional help sooner than later. We have a lovely woman coming over once a week for a couple of hours. She and mom have gotten to know and appreciate one another. Last night was […]

Spiritual Connections

I had very strong unexpected spiritual connections today. First, I met a friend for lunch. She is a caregiver also and a very faithful woman. We prayed together at the restaurant and had beautiful conversation as we usually do. She noted that the relationship with another faithful person is something special – that you understand […]

Faithful Service

This morning I listened to a reflection from Immaculee Ilibagiza. She is a survivor of the Rwanda genocide and is a speaker on faith, hope, and forgiveness. She is an author of many books including Left to Tell. She talked about how she and a dozen others were hidden in a tiny room in a […]

Rest and Reflection

I have been super tired the last couple days, so I was very happy that our friend came over today to stay with my mom for a couple of hours. I visited my son and his wife who are celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary today. Then I spent some quiet time in church as I […]

Veteran’s Day Celebration

I was very excited to hear that Morning Star was going to host a Veteran’s Day celebration. I was also very happy that my brother just came in from out of town last night and that my sister was off work so we could all go and honor my dad. One of the local high […]

TAPS Across America

My mom was happy to get back to her online exercise class after they took a 2 week break. After the hour class, the participants chatted about what was the best thing that happened during their hiatus. One man said that he participated in TAPS Across America. Some family and friends came over on Memorial […]

His Love Testimony

Most of the caregiver groups I participate in are comprised of wives taking care of their husbands. There is an occasional daughter caring for a parent and there are little to no men. Today I logged onto a new class I signed up for. One of the participants was a man caring for his wife. […]

Highest Honors

I read a meme today that cut to my heart. It said, “To care for those who once cared for us is one of life’s highest honors.” Enough said. I Found God today in an inspiring quote.

Committed to the Elderly

Today my mom had a Zoom meeting with some instructors and participants from her Parkinson’s exercise class. One of the student interns who help with the program gave a presentation on the research she had done. Her topic was the importance of having a physical person lead an exercise class as opposed to watching it […]