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Awesome Beauty of Creation

It started out to be a gorgeous day. My brother who is visiting and I went out for a walk first thing. The deep blue sky was cloudless and the mountains jetted up in the background as green and lush as I have ever seen, except for the treeless top and a few pockets of snow that just won’t give it up. I had asked my brother what he wanted to do today and he decided to head over to the Garden of the Gods, where he used to climb the rocks years ago. We drove over and followed the car line of tourists. As we drove through the park, my brother pointed out all the places he had climbed and told stories of his experiences. We parked and found a trail that was not overly populated. I donned my newly found cowboy hat and we had a very pleasant hike. We  stopped every now and again to take in the scenery. Later at dinner, my parents talked about how we have seen so many rainbows due to the rain showers in the evening. A couple of weeks ago, my dad and I talked about the colors of the rainbow. From the bottom to the top they are Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, and Red on the outside. Well, I knew that. But my dad pointed out that when there is a double rainbow, the colors go in reverse with Red being on the bottom. That I did not know. We told my brother and he did not know that either. Sure enough, in just a few minutes, there was an amazing double rainbow clear across the sky. We once again experienced the awesome beauty of the world we live in.

I Found God today in the gift of His Creation.

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