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Scooter in the Store

Today my mom and I made a trip to Target to get birthday presents for my grandson. We brought her walker which makes it easier for her to walk, but even with that she can only go for a certain time and distance. The last time we were in the store, we tried to figure out how to use an electric scooter. We asked an employee for some help and she discovered that neither of the two that were available had been charging properly, so they could not be used. It made for a short trip. This time, we went in and walked by one of the charging scooters. I asked my mom if she wanted to try it, and she said she did not, that she thought she would be ok. We only walked for a bit when she realized how much walking there was, so I again suggested the scooter. We went back to the entrance and I got in the scooter and read the directions. I unplugged it and turned it on. It seemed to be working. I tried it out a little bit, then explained to my mom how to navigate the vehicle. She was nervous, but gave it a try. The store was not that busy, so it was a perfect time for her to use it. She went slowly, but she got the hang of it. She turned corners, went through some of the smaller aisles, and even backed up at one point. We went to the toys and looked at all the Lego options. Then we went to the books and my mom was able to take her time perusing the section as she needed some new reading material. We stopped at the boy’s clothing and then over to the woman’s section. We then parked the scooter and got some wrapping paper before we checked out. We were in the store for quite a while. I was impressed that my mom did such a great job. She would not have made it half as long if she would have tried to walk the whole time.

I Found God today in a positive shopping experience for my mom and the consideration of the store to have the scooters available.

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