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Newly Engaged

Today I talked with a young woman who recently became engaged. I have known her and her family for years, and it is hard to believe she is even old enough for this to happen. She told me the beautiful story of their relationship. They met each other 4 years ago when they were both freshmen in college but he was dating someone else. She had her own relationship as well. But a couple years later when they were both single, they decided to try dating. Both of them are very faithful young people, so they wanted to do things right. For their first date, she told him she wanted to do something other than just go to dinner. After much contemplation, he arranged for them to tour the Franciscan Monastery near their school. She had always wanted to go there. After a few more dates, they decided to go deeper and be in an exclusive relationship. It only took 1 1/2 years before they knew they wanted to spend the rest of their lives with one another. During this time, she met his family and he met hers and evidently hit it off pretty well. Before he proposed to her, he asked her father for his blessing. Her father left him to answer one question – how is he going to bring his family into heaven? He thought about the question and answered it in a 2-page letter outlining how in fact he would help bring his family to heaven. Her father was very impressed and gave them his full support and blessing. For the proposal, they went to their favorite hiking spot. He set up the camera on a tripod to get a picture of them in front of the beautiful surroundings. Little did she know, he had the ring in his pocket. He set the self timer as she stood in place. As he went to be in the picture with her, he got on one knee and asked the question. Of course she said yes and the camera captured the moment. She just graduated from college and got her dream job as a nurse in maternity in a Catholic hospital. He is returning to school to receive his masters degree to become a Catholic counselor. They both will be serving others, but in different ways. Even though they will be living in the same city, they will not be moving in together until they get married. I am so proud and happy for her. I think they have such an inspiring story of how it is possible for young people in this world to live and love in faith. I know they will be very blessed.

I Found God today in the wonderful story of a faithful young couple who have dated well and are making a commitment to one another.

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