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Grandson’s Birthday

Today is my younger grandson’s birthday. He had his big party yesterday and I was sad not to be there. This was the first time that I have not made his birthday cake as I am so far away now. Also sad. But I saw lots of pictures and we exchanged texts during the day. I kept thinking how big he is getting. He is losing that little boy look and is moving into the big boy look. Today we were able to video chat, which I LOVE. It is so much like being present. He, his older brother, and his very pregnant mom sat on the sofa. My parents and I sang “Happy Birthday” to him. He told us all about his party and the gifts he got and the t-rex he made from his qixels. (That’s OK – I didn’t know what they were either.) I was glad to hear that he did not get duplicates of the LEGO sets that we sent him. After he chatted for a while, he started getting antsy. He flicked his brother’s hair until finally mom had to tell him to stop. He sunk off the sofa, but showed us his hands and then his feet. He got up and left for a while, then came back. He has always had just a little gleam of trouble in his eye. I guess I was expecting that now, since he was a year older, he would have more control over himself – not so much. Of course, I just laughed and said that some things never change. I asked his mother long did she think it would last. She just kind of shrugged. She has amazing patience. I love who he is and how he is. I find him amusing, carefree, and joyful – just how a kid should be.

I Found God today in celebrating the day my grandson was brought into the world.

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