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Learning to Drive

My nephew has been learning to drive. His mom takes him out driving every now and again in the big busy city they live in. It has been challenging to say the least. They stayed overnight last night and when I asked this morning what people wanted to do, it was suggested that I take my nephew out driving. I did offer to help as much as I could, so this was my opportunity to make good on my word. I got the car out of the garage and took it over to the school parking lot not too far from the house. There, I let him behind the wheel. We talked about how to prepare to drive – adjust the seat and mirrors, etc. Then it was all him. We went around the parking lot, then out of the parking lot and back in several times as he got used to the feel of the vehicle. He parked a couple of times and said he was ready to drive in the neighborhood. So, we went up and down the side streets and watched for children and UPS vans parked on the wrong side of the road. He did pretty good so I asked if he felt comfortable going on to the busy streets. He said he was and he needed that kind of practice. So we made our way to the 2 and 3 lane roads. I tried not to panic when he drifted one way or the other, but just guided him. I had to let go of controlling that vehicle and trust that even though he was learning, he would keep us safe. We stopped for a coffee along the way and sat outside and just talked for a while. Overall he did pretty well and just needs more practice. It was really a wonderful time spent with just him and me. I thought about how this is similar to our relationship with God. He allows us to get out there and make our way through life. We make mistakes, but He is still there in the seat next to us guiding us. He will not force His hand or take control over us. Sometimes, we need to stop and talk with Him a bit to get refreshed and ready to move on. We just need to keep getting out there, practicing, and improving as we go.

I Found God today in spending quality time with my nephew and reflecting on our relationship with God.

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