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Halloween Memories

A few years ago, I was travelling on Halloween with a friend of mine as we made our way across the country so I could move with my parents. The next Halloween, I made “scary face pancakes” for breakfast. That tradition stuck, though I try to mix it up a little each year. This morning we talked about the different ways we celebrated over the years. My brother was very much into haunted houses for a while and did amazing creepy makeup. He would come up with new ideas to interact with the kids who were out trick or treating. Then my mother told us a story about a Halloween many years ago and I realized where my brother got it from. My dad had placed the jack-o-lantern outside on the porch as usual, but put a speaker behind it. He sat in the window watching the kids with the microphone and would talk to them. It was as if the pumpkin was talking. Evidently, one little girl stood and talked with the jack-o-lantern for quite some time until she put her arms around it, gave it a hug, and said, “I Love You!” That was too cute.

I Found God today in a cute story about childhood innocence.

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