Apprehensive Attila

My mom is reading a book called, “Keeper of the Keys: A Life of Pope Pius XII”, by Thomas McDermott written in 1946. The book includes some history of previous popes. She read one short story to me and my dad that I found fascinating:

“When Attila, whose Huns had made of Europe a charnel house, raged before the walls of Rome, Pope Leo I alone had the courage to withstand him. Attired in full pontifical robes and preceded by a deacon carrying the cross, Christ’s instrument of victory, the Holy Father went forth to meet Attila. The awe-struck Hun, who proudly called himself the Scourge of God, granted Leo’s plea to spare Rome and the lives of her citizens. When later taunted for his submission, Attila rejoined: “I did not fear him, but the threatening figure of heavenly brightness who hovered over him.”

I Found God today in a heavenly story.

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  1. Wow!!


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