Praying With the Pope

The other day I learned that Pope Francis was offering a special blessing to those who would join in praying with him for an end to the pandemic. I found that EWTN would be airing the event, so my parents and I watched and participated from the living room. It was surreal to see Pope […]

United In the Rosary

Yesterday I learned that Pope Francis was urging all Catholics to unite at the same time to pray the Luminous Mysteries of the Rosary, begging God to rid our world of the corona virus. It is the Feast Day of St. Joseph – earthly father to Jesus. We never hear a word from St. Joseph […]

Apprehensive Attila

My mom is reading a book called, “Keeper of the Keys: A Life of Pope Pius XII”, by Thomas McDermott written in 1946. The book includes some history of previous popes. She read one short story to me and my dad that I found fascinating: “When Attila, whose Huns had made of Europe a charnel […]

Pope and the Boy

I saw a video today of Pope Francis who was taking questions from children. A boy came to the microphone but was too upset to ask the question. Pope Francis had the boy come right up to him, gave him a big hug, and consoled him as he wept. The boy and the pope had […]

Live Like Magi

Today at church the priest spoke about the Gospel reading of the Epiphany and a homily by Pope Francis. It was a message that really spoke to my heart. There were 3 basic themes: Look up, take the journey, share your gifts. First, we know that our world is in a bad way and it […]

How To Ponder

I know some people have certain traditions that they do every year to ring in the new year. For example, my travelling brother cleaned his whole trailer out. He said he like to start out fresh and clean. I thought about how I can improve myself in the upcoming year. I mean, I always need […]

Pope and the Babies

During this “Year of Mercy”, on one Friday each month Pope Francis has been visiting different groups of people who are underprivileged, marginalized, or suffering. A while ago, I saw a video of him visiting former prostitutes who were in a safe house. Today I saw a captivating video of the pope visiting a hospital […]