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Well Played, God

I have been trying to read spiritual books, but I get distracted, change books, and have not been very good at disciplining myself. Yesterday at church, an instructor for a Catholic Bible School spoke about a class that will be starting soon. It lit a spark in my heart, but I thought about how much commitment that would be, and would I have time, and what if I can’t make it to the class… etc. I decided to at least go to the informational session tonight to hear more about it, hoping I would receive a clear message if I should sign up for the class or not. The speaker did a sample class and it was great. Then, a woman who had already taken the full course spoke about her experience. She referenced the story of Martha and Mary, saying that it is good to serve like Martha, but in order to do so effectively and with Christ, we must take time aside to be with Him, like Mary. In the scripture, Jesus actually says, “Martha, you are anxious and worried about many things. There is need of only one thing. Mary has chosen the better part…”  Well played, God. I bought my first book before I left the meeting.

I Found God today in a nudge to take time away with Him.

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