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Thinking of Love

One of the readings at church today was EPH 5:21-32, which is the infamous scripture about how wives should be subordinate to their husbands. But, the other part of that is the instruction for husbands to love their wives as God loves the church. I thought the priest gave some great words of wisdom. He referred to the story of “Fiddler on the Roof”, which is really all about married love. He spoke in particular about the scene in which Τevye asks his wife Golde if she loves him. Their marriage was arranged and the first time they saw each other was on their wedding day, which was 25 years prior. Golde rattles off the list of things she has done for him in that period of time. By the end of the song, they both admit that they suppose they love each other. The priest talked about how people in a marriage have the benefit of learning to love one another through trials and time. He told a story of a couple getting ready to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. They were planning an event at the church and would meet with the priest on a regular basis. Then, the priest challenged them by saying he didn’t feel like they loved each other. They said he was right, but they were still learning to love one another. So, love isn’t just a feeling. It is a choice to desire the best for each other, and humbly serve each other.

I Found God today in a way of thinking about love.

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