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Over the Migraine

The other day, I felt a migraine coming on. I knew I had done it to myself by eating foods that I shouldn’t. I was very careful that day and treated it best I could, expecting to feel better yesterday. However, the headache was still there in the background. I had one more day of doing my best to treat it, but was unsuccessful. Despite going to be early last night, I was awakened just after midnight with a throbbing head. I got up, took some more medication, had some water, put a cold washcloth over my eyes, and tried to go back to sleep. For the next few hours I was in and out of dozing as I prayed. Eventually, I felt the pain subside and was able to get some sleep. When I got up this morning, I was happy that I could open my eyes without feeling that pressure in my head. As the day progressed, I slowly felt better and better. I am so glad to have kicked this migraine and will have to better discipline myself.

I Found God today getting over the pain of a migraine.

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