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Many Care

I took my mom to have her hair cut today. The parking lot is very tight and as I pulled into a parking spot, I realized there was a woman slowly making her way down the curb to get into the car next to me. I pulled back out and moved the car over, leaving her plenty of room. The young woman with her was helping best she could and waited patiently as the struggling woman took several minutes to get in the car. When we went in to the building, there was an elderly man at the door and one sitting in the waiting area. The one at the door retrieved his wife – I’m assuming – and left. I took a seat in the waiting area and after a bit, the other man’s wife joined him and sat down. They chatted until they saw their ride pull up. They both had a cane and the man made sure he was helping his wife and holding door. And so went the rest of the time. Almost every person in and out was an elderly person and a caregiver. I enjoyed seeing the interaction between them and thanked God for the many people caring for those who needed help.

I Found God today in many people who care.

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