Repair and Transformation

A neighbor came to chat while I was snipping off the dead roses this afternoon. He asked what was written on my t-shirt. I was wearing one of my Workcamp shirts from years ago. This one said, “Repair. A story of transformation”. We talked about the Workcamp experience and how the meaning of the slogan […]

Interviewing Intern

My mom’s Parkinson’s exercise class includes a partnership with the local college. Each semester, they get new interns who help with the class. They also have projects that they work on during that time. The other day, one of the interns contacted us to interview my mom. She is gathering information and learning more about […]

Emulating Workcamp

A neighbor came over this afternoon to do some work on the outside of the porch. It has a stucco covering that has been deteriorating, and the Board of Directors of the complex has been slow in responding to the repair request. So, the neighbor who is our “roofmate” decided to just take matters into […]

Who Is Your Neighbor

This morning on my phone, photos popped up from 5 years ago. They were from the last Workcamp I attended before I moved. I remember it well when I told the youth I was leaving and we all cried. Those were the best of times, best of people, best of experiences that forever changed me. […]

Holy Thursday Experiences

Holy Thursday Mass tonight was beautiful. It was pretty traditional with chanting and moving hymns. As I watched the priest wash the feet of 12 people, I remembered when I had my feet washed and what an incredible moment that was. I remembered inviting some youth to have their feet washed and watching their reactions. […]

Making Legs

A young man I know pursued a career in physical therapy. His mom shared an update about him. Last year he went with a group to Peru where the team built 90 prosthetic legs for people who were in need. This week he’s in Haiti serving 20 children. It warmed my heart to see that […]

Love Overflowing

Today I received an update from a young man who runs a program to help teenage youth in foster homes transition to a life on their own. His wife recently gave birth to their first child. In his note, he talked about how lucky they have been to have so much support from their friends […]

Growing and Loving

Today I saw that a young woman I knew was proud to officially be part of the Peace Corps. i also saw that it was the birthday of a young man I know who is now a proud husband and daddy. It warms my heart to see good young people grow into loving, giving young […]

Selfless Young Man

I helped at an event today that included the Fostering Hope group of youth who are high school and college age. The organizer has been in the position for less than a year and I am so impressed with him. He has a beautiful rapport with the young people while maintaining boundaries and they show […]

Equine Therapy

I talked with a teen today about her involvement in equine therapy. This program was made available to her and others who are currently living in foster homes. She told me how she first met her horse and started by learning how to take care of him. She groomed him, walked him, and eventually was […]