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Making an Entrance

When my sister arrived this morning, we all said hello and how are you and such. However, my brother’s dog was super excited and ran to her and wagged her tail and tried her best not to jump up. My sister petted her and told her what a good girl she was. It reminded me that when I was working in Youth Ministry, we were challenged with the question, “What if we were as excited to see people come in to an event as our dog’s are when we come in the door?” It was a good image to keep in mind. Only a few minutes later, I saw a Peanuts cartoon that portrayed the scenario. Charlie Brown got home and Snoopy was so excited to see him. That was quite a funny irony. Later I helped my mom with her shower. When she was all finished, we came out to the living room where my sister and brother were. I played the song, “Isn’t She Lovely” and we all danced. I thought we should all pay more attention when people enter a room or house. We should be enthusiastic and excited to greet one another, reveling in our relationships. How good we would feel and make others feel as well. And perhaps we could all have an entrance song and dance.

I Found God today remembering how important it is when we greet one another.

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