Signs of the Times

It was a beautiful day and I’m getting cabin fever, so I went out for a walk. Along the way, I became keenly aware of the changes in the world around me from just 2 weeks ago. Like everything, there is a negative and positive side. The first thing that caught my attention was the […]

Blue Roses

The other day, my nephew contacted me to verify our mailing address and to check what my dad’s favorite color is. Today we found out why. He and his girlfriend sent my dad a gorgeous bouquet of deep blue roses with a lovely note included. None of us had ever seen anything like it. My […]

Breathing In

It has been almost a week since I left the house. I wanted to stay close for my dad, and then got sick, and it has been cold and snowy. But today I decided to go out and run a few errands. The air was brisk and refreshing as I breathed it in. It renewed […]

Solitary Sacred Space

I recorded Mass again on EWTN this morning and brought my computer to the rehab so we could watch with my dad. When my mom and I arrived, he had just finished a therapy and the Eucharistic ministers were in his room. We were glad we made it in time to receive Communion. We then […]

Without God

I saw 2 messages this morning that I thought about for the rest of the day. The first was a short video talking about what happens if you say you don’t believe in God. You would then become the master of yourself – you are your own God. You would have to always be right […]

Dessert For Lunch

Today was another great day with my son, daughter in law, and grandchildren. We headed up north to view the beautiful fall foliage, but quickly got into traffic with the other hundreds – maybe thousands – of people who had the same desire. We decided to change course and landed at a favorite ice cream/sweets […]

Blooming Plant

In my mind, I have never been really good at taking care of plants. Although, this year, the flowers in front of the house have been spectacular. I guess it just took me 5 years to figure out how to make it work. Also, my sister gave me a beautiful plant for my birthday several […]

Mingling With Elk

My sister and I took a day off today and headed for the mountains. We had a loose plan as to where we wanted to go when we started out. As we drove higher and higher, the colors of the changing leaves became more abundant. We stopped in several spots to take in the amazing […]

Sunrise Gift

I usually am the first one awake and open the windows to let in some cool, fresh air. This morning when I opened the east facing window, I saw an amazing sunrise. The vibrant pink/orange colors only lasted a few moments. It felt like a little morning gift. I was happy that I caught a […]

Zoo Day

Today was the last day the zoo was offering half price admission for military families. We talked about going all week. My dad had projects to work on at home, but my mom was excited to go and had good energy. So, I made lunch for my dad, and packed a lunch for my mom […]