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Mani Pedi

Today I realized my dad’s fingernails were getting a little long. So I gave him a nice manicure. A little later I wore my sandals as we sat outside enjoying the warm day. I noticed my toenails were looking pretty bad and told my dad I was in need of a pedicure. He offered to do it for me and I laughingly agreed – after all, one good turn deserves another. But first, he needed a nap. When he woke up, he walked into his room and came back with a bag of nail care tools and a towel. He was all ready to give me my pedicure. I gave him my foot which he examined for a moment. Then, he decided it was probably better if he didn’t try. I went ahead and took care of my pedicure as my dad provided the tools. I thought it was pretty sweet that he seriously wanted to do it for me.

I Found God today in my dad’s sweet gesture.

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