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Positive Despite Loss

Today I took my mom to a dentist appointment and got comfortable for the long wait. After a while, an older man came in. I didn’t want to listen to their conversation on purpose, but it was a very small space and it was a beautiful conversation. The receptionist said she was sorry to hear of the passing of his wife. Evidently she had died 6 months ago. She asked how he was doing. He got teary eyed but said he was doing ok. He showed her his wedding ring and said that his wife had put that on his finger 43 years ago and he was not going to take it off. He talked about a conversation he had with his young grandson about his wife’s death and that it was difficult to explain to child. He said his son came for a few days and wanted him to make other living arrangements as he did not like him living alone. So, he is in the process of cleaning out the house. Laughing, he said until then, he would get a cell phone and a fitbit or something so he can show that his heart is still beating. When he was finished with his appointment, he came back to check out. The ladies who worked in the office told him to have a good time where he volunteers. He said he had to tell them about volunteers – they are paid nothing, not because they are worth nothing, but because they are priceless. I admired his great attitude and desire to keep moving forward.

I Found God today in a man who was caring, positive, and persevering, despite a great loss he recently experienced.

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