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Missing Birthdays

Sometimes it feels like time is zipping by so quickly. My children both have birthdays within a couple of days. It can be hard for me to believe that I have a son who has children of his own – but so it is. I miss being able to celebrate their birthdays with them since I moved so far away. I was happy to video chat with my older son, his wife, and my grandchildren tonight. My 2 month old granddaughter changes so quickly. She was talking up a storm as she is finding the noises she can make with her voice and I even saw her smile. The next oldest is in 3rd grade now. He showed me his math homework and said that he doesn’t want to go to school tomorrow because he is having a test on it. But he said he studied already, so he will do well. My older grandson is now in junior high school and going to his first dance tomorrow night. He will be taking his girlfriend. Again – hard to believe. I just loved being able to see them all and chat about important things and just things in general. It made my day.

I Found God today in being able to see and talk with my son and his family.

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