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Many Meals

I have been staying with my sister for a couple of weeks helping her as she continues to get stronger and heal with her broken leg. We have all been very blessed that my brother has been able to stay with my parents during this time. I will be leaving to go back to my parents and I want to make sure that my sister is as prepared as she can be. The other day we picked out some recipes that will be easy to make and off I went to the grocery store. I came back with a giant back of assorted meats, canned goods, and fresh veggies. I have spent the last couple of days cooking up a storm. Each day meant a new meal in the crock pot with the leftovers frozen in individual containers. I also put together ingredients in freezer bags for additional meals, so all she has to do is take out a bag and pop it in the crock pot. Hopefully these meals will keep her fed for a couple of weeks. Today I made the last one – minestrone soup. It was warm, delicious, and made plenty of leftovers. As I cooked, I thought of others who don’t have as much food or assistance when they need it. I thanked God for being where I am and the capability of providing necessities.

I Found God today in being able to help provide meals for my sister.

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