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Amazingly Answered Prayers

As I said, yesterday was the feast day for St. Jude – the patron saint of difficult situations. Yesterday right after I went to Mass, I got into the car and got a message from my son that he was told he had one week to find a new job. I couldn’t believe it. Here I was feeling pretty good about praying the novena with my family and being able to attend Mass. When I talked to my son, he explained that his group received a new manager who basically disbanded them. I told him about it being the feast of St. Jude and to start praying right away. He said he would and already had a plan of action. He assured me that he always lands on his feet – which is pretty true. When I spoke to him later in the day, he already had a couple of interviews set up. I said several prayers throughout the day and tried not to worry – even though he just bought a new house for he and his family, including his newborn daughter. I prayed that God lead him to the job that will give them stability. I spoke to him this afternoon and he had just completed an interview that he felt pretty good about. He said it may be difficult for him to try to decide which job to take if he received multiple offers. I was thinking that perhaps God would make it very clear, so that it would not be a difficult decision. The thought was just about to come out of my mouth, when my son said he had another call coming in, so we hung up. We talked after the call. My son works for a very large company and knew a manager in another area. When the manager found out what happened, he spoke to those in authority and made the arrangements for my son to work with him if he wanted to. So – he is able to work for the same company, continue the same benefits, and actually move to a branch closer to his home. I would say that our prayers were answered speedily and in an almost unbelievable way.

I Found God today in amazingly answered prayers.

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