Remembering My Leap of Faith

It was one year ago today that I left my home at the time, said goodbye to all I had known for the past 18 years, and started on a new direction in my life. A few of my belongings, a friend of mine and my dog all packed up in the rental car headed to the state where my parents live. Since I was young I told my parents that I would care for them when they got older and I was on my to fulfill that promise. As I remember the day I left, it is with mixed emotions. Of course it was very difficult to leave my friends, family, church, and job that had become an integral part of my life. I had sold my house as well as most of my possessions, or given them away. Even my car was given to my son in college. I was wading out on the water, taking a leap of faith, knowing in my heart that this was the path that God had for me at this point in my life. In some ways it seems so long ago and so much has happened. In other ways, it seems like just the other day. While I have faced many challenges, I have also had many blessings. My parents have struggled with their health, but I am grateful to be here for them and help them get through. I miss my friends and family far away tremendously, but I do my best to stay in touch with them. I also have a new found relationship with my siblings and nephew who are now much closer, every day I learn more about my parents as we continue to grow in our relationship, I have reconnected with many old friends, and have others to reach out to. I own almost nothing, yet all my needs are taken care of. And yes – I am still sure that this is the path God has for me at this point in my life.

I Found God today in reflecting on the leap of faith I took and how He continues to care for me and my family.

2 comments on “Remembering My Leap of Faith

  1. Thank God you were not alone,like I was with my Mom’s many syncope episodes.


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