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Much Needed Massage

It has been a crazy hectic few months. I have been busy, busy trying to do my best to make sure my parents have what they need and help my sister get her place in order and meals prepared so she doesn’t have too much to worry about as her broken leg continues to heal. […]

Finding Barley

Today I needed to get some shopping done for my sister to help her get some meals prepared. It is always hard going to different stores, but since I have stayed with her for the past couple of weeks as her broken leg continues to heal, I have been getting to know where to find […]

Our Amazing World

My younger sister is between jobs at this time, so we have decided to spend one day a week doing something together and enjoyable. Today was a free day at the museum of nature and science, so that was our destination. It was very thought provoking as we basically made our way through time. We […]

Stunning Sunrise

I haven’t been up to see the sunrise in quite a while, but this morning I woke at just the right time. I wasn’t really sure if the sun was already up as I knew it would be a cloudy morning and it did not seem to be particularly bright. It didn’t really matter – […]

Better to be in Heaven

Tonight at dinner, the conversation with my sister and mom reminded me of a video clip I had seen from the HUMAN movie. This is a collection of videos of people telling stories of their lives. We found it on YouTube and watched a clip that started with the man saying, “The magic moment that […]

Back to the Cabin

It has been a wild summer for sure with too many medical issues happening back to back. I barely remember back to June when my parents and I were packing up to head to their cabin in the mountains for a little get away. We didn’t make it that day, and since then it has […]

Generous People

I have been staying with my sister who broke her leg and trying to take care of some housework for her. We have been talking the past couple days about home improvements she would like to do. Of course, the list is longer than the time and finances. A friend of hers has been wanting […]

Found Lost Phone

It was a beautiful day outside today, so my sister and I decided to spend some time outdoors. We went to a local park that had a small lake. We stopped on the way and got some lunch so we could enjoy a picnic with a view. I loved spending a warm day in October […]


Today was pretty uneventful. My sister is able to work from home on her computer, so after spending last week working part time, she dove back into full time this week. She was very tired yesterday, but did much better today. I puttered around the house doing things that needed to be done, cooked, and […]

An Awesome Therapist

Since my sister broke her leg a few weeks ago, she has been visited by an occupational therapist. When we first saw him, it was at my parents home. Since that first time, he has been caring, humble, and respectful. He has encouraged my sister the whole time and helped her solve problems with only […]