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What is Fair

In our society, we seem to have the need to put a value on everything and everyone. At the same time we want to make sure that everyone is treated fair and equal. Those two notions can – and do – clash. I think it depends on your view of what is “fair” and “equal”. Today’s scripture readings at church included the story of the owner of a vineyard who paid each worker the same amount of money – regardless if they worked for 1 hour or for all day. This didn’t seem fair to the workers who were there all day long. Of course, the story has a deeper meaning that was explained by the priest. God is like the vineyard owner and He will keep His promise of eternal life in Heaven to those who turn to him – whether that be early in life, or later. That may not seem fair to people who have lived long lives doing their best to follow God, when others live a life doing whatever they please and turn to God much later. In reality, doing whatever we want in life doesn’t necessarily mean being peaceful, happy, content, or joyful. One of the other readings pointed out that God’s ways are not our ways. His love and mercy extends far beyond what we are even capable of understanding. That is what I am most grateful for.

I Found God today holding fast to His promise of love and mercy.

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