Extreme Mercy

Tonight in my Bible class, we discussed theĀ “Antithesis” as given by Jesus Christ in Matthew 5:17-48. He challenges us to not only follow the 10 Commandments given to Moses, but to take them a step further. We should share everything we have with those who are in need. We should keep our thoughts clean and […]

Be Holy

Every Monday night, I attend a Bible class. This course takes the participant on a 4-year journey through the Bible, reading it in the light of salvation history. We started at the beginning in Genesis and have made it to Leviticus. I have tried to read the entire Bible front to back on my own, […]


A friend stopped by this afternoon. Among other things, we talked about how God prepares your heart for things coming up – if you really listen. People talk about having “premonitions”. My friend and I have had those feelings before. I think that God puts things in our hearts and in our thoughts. As we […]

ABC Mercy

Today at church the priest talked about Divine Mercy Sunday. He said to help remember what to do, use the ABC’s. A – ask God for His Mercy. He wants to shower His love and mercy on us, but we do need to ask. B – be merciful to others. If we want to receive […]

What is Fair

In our society, we seem to have the need to put a value on everything and everyone. At the same time we want to make sure that everyone is treated fair and equal. Those two notions can – and do – clash. I think it depends on your view of what is “fair” and “equal”. […]

Wisdom of Heaven

I went to an event this afternoon that honored those who are supporting families who foster children. In our city, there are teams of people who volunteer to help fostering families by offering babysitting, outings, running errands, or whatever else they may need. One family included a dad who was a pastor. He spoke for […]

Trust in Him

In church today, we had a guest priest who works with some of the poorest of the poor. He told the story of how this came to be a part of his life. He was very comfortable in his role as a parish priest and enjoying his life. A friend asked him to go to […]