Spring 2020

This time of quiet leaves us a lot of time to ponder and reflect. A friend wrote down her thoughts from the past week and shared them with us. I thought it was a beautiful meditation worth passing along: SPRING 2020 March, with its wind, rain, and snow Has brought with itA new kind of […]

Good Friday Prisoners

On this Good Friday, at 3:00 my parents and I searched for a Stations of the Cross that we could pray. We came across the recording of Pope Francis and started watching. He was once again in a mostly empty St. Peter’s Square, with a handful of people who would be processing with the cross. […]

Public Witnesses

For the past few days, I have heard unapologetic witnessing to the grace of God in unexpected places. When I am at my prayer group or in my Bible class, the point is to recognize God’s love and mercy and to share that with one another. But I don’t expect to hear the same at […]

Extreme Mercy

Tonight in my Bible class, we discussed theĀ “Antithesis” as given by Jesus Christ in Matthew 5:17-48. He challenges us to not only follow the 10 Commandments given to Moses, but to take them a step further. We should share everything we have with those who are in need. We should keep our thoughts clean and […]

Be Holy

Every Monday night, I attend a Bible class. This course takes the participant on a 4-year journey through the Bible, reading it in the light of salvation history. We started at the beginning in Genesis and have made it to Leviticus. I have tried to read the entire Bible front to back on my own, […]


A friend stopped by this afternoon. Among other things, we talked about how God prepares your heart for things coming up – if you really listen. People talk about having “premonitions”. My friend and I have had those feelings before. I think that God puts things in our hearts and in our thoughts. As we […]

ABC Mercy

Today at church the priest talked about Divine Mercy Sunday. He said to help remember what to do, use the ABC’s. A – ask God for His Mercy. He wants to shower His love and mercy on us, but we do need to ask. B – be merciful to others. If we want to receive […]