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Grateful Reminder

I went to get a bone density test today, which I have never had before. It was just like a low powered x-ray. I have had x-rays on my back at different times during my life for different reasons. The technician today said the same thing that the others have said… “Um…did you know your back is crooked?” Yes. I explained that all the joints in my body are crooked due to the juvenile rheumatoid arthritis I was diagnosed with at 4 years old. It gave me another opportunity to talk about and remember how good God has been to me and how I could be living a very different life right now. I can too easily get caught up in the pain and inabilities I have. Instead, I should be grateful every day for the way I can move, for the things I can do, for the lessened amount of pain, and for God’s grace and mercy. It was a beautiful reminder.

I Found God today in a reminder of how grateful I need to be.

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