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Sin to Good

I have been listening to a reading or Fr. Jacques Phillippe book, “Searching for and Maintaining Peace.” Yesterday’s reflection was about how we cannot be discouraged because we make mistakes or sin. I remember people saying to me that there were only 2 perfect people who live on this earth – Jesus and His Mother Mary. Our Catholic tradition teaches that, while both were tempted, neither of them sinned. They followed God’s plan for them perfectly. So, the thoughts they I am never going to sin or that I am a terrible person when I do, are both incorrect and will pull me away from God. Tonight’s reading followed that subject further by explaining that God can and does use our sins and misgivings for good. “So great is the mercy of the Lord that He uses our faults to our advantage!” Furthermore, we should be more disposed to love others when we are aware of our failings, as we shouldn’t be too quick to judge others who are imperfect as well. I am enjoying these reflections as I ponder the messages and pray for a more peaceful heart.

I Found God today reminded that I do and will sin, but that God can and does work all things for our good.

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