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In The Follow Through

My mom didn’t feel well today, so we participated in Mass with Fr. Mike Schmitz online. The Gospel reading was about the person who questioned Jesus about how to get to Heaven. He basically knew the answer – love God and love your neighbor. But he pushed further asking Jesus who exactly is my neighbor? Jesus responded by telling the parable of the man who was attacked on the road. Several people saw him, but didn’t help. Finally, the Good Samaritan helped the injured man. We should be treating all people like the Good Samaritan did – regardless of race, creed, color, etc. Fr. Mike Schmitz said that we tend to overcomplicate things. We know what is good and right most of the time, and what God wants us to do, but it is in the follow through that we run short. We know what we should do, we may even make a plan, but so many times, we fail to actually do it. So many times in the “moment of action”, we don’t do what we should. This resonated with me as well. I think my biggest struggle is going to bed so I can get up early. I want to go to sleep so I can get up early and pray and exercise. But often I get stuck on social media, which does nothing for me except suck my time away from following through on my plan. Then I cut short my prayer time, my exercise time, or both. There are plenty of reasons and excuses why we cannot do what we know we should. Fr. Mike shared a great quote from Dr. Peter Kreeft, philosopher at Boston College, “When you start making excuses, that proves that the time has come for you to do the thing you’re making excuses for.” His words rang true to me for sure. Fr. Mike gave a thoughtful, relevant homily and I am glad we watched him today.

I Found God today in a reminder of the importance to follow through on the things that I know I should do.

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