God is Still With Us

A family friend called this morning and told me that her sister suggested she listen to the homily from her parish. Our friend listened to it and thought I would really enjoy it as well, so she told me how to find it. My parents and I sat down this evening and listened to it. […]

Familiar Comfort

A couple of days ago, I learned that the parish I was part of in another state was going to have their Mass available on YouTube. I still consider this parish my “home”. It is where I worked for years, learned so much, grew in faith by leaps and bounds and met amazing families who […]

A Call To Prayer

Like many Catholic Diocese around the world, ours decided it would be in the best interest of all to cancel Mass at this time. So, like we have many times recently, we turned on EWTN to watch the Mass. The homily by Fr. Miguel Marie, MFVA, really stirred my heart. Here are some of the […]

Home Mass

I have been meeting with a great group of people in a “Small Church Community” for a couple of years now. It has been such a blessing. Several months ago, one of the men was diagnosed with bladder cancer. He had surgery that was successful at removing the existing cancer. Once he recovered, he and […]

60th Birthday Mass

A friend of mine and her husband have been making regular trips to France and Spain to walk the Camino de Santiago – The Way of St. James. It is a pilgrimage journey with religious sites along the way ending at the tomb of St. James. They recently made their way back determined to finish […]

What’s Needed to be Happy

The other day, a friend and I were talking about how necessary it is to have a positive attitude. “Happiness is a choice,” she said. She went on to give examples of people in her life who made themselves miserable mostly by focusing on the things they were struggling with. That was the topic of […]

Not the D Word

I looked through the Mass readings early this morning and was glad I did. The Gospel scripture was about divorce. The people asked Jesus if it was OK to get a divorce as Moses said it was. Jesus answered that Moses gave that rule due to the hard hearts of the people. Jesus then goes […]