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Remembering Lourdes

Last night before bed, I came across a video of the pastor I worked for, who once again spoke to my heart. He talked about the upcoming Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes and the World Day of the Sick, which is on Saturday. He told the story of the young girl, now known as St. Bernadette, who lived in a small town in France and had several visions of a beautiful lady in a white gown with a blue sash. The woman identified herself as the Immaculate Conception. This statement is what made the skeptics finally believe that she was, in fact, the Blessed Mother of Jesus Christ. The grotto where the apparitions took place became a spring of flowing water. Soon, people were healed from this water. Lourdes is now a place of pilgrimage when millions of sick travel each year. My mother took me there when I was around the same age as Bernadette during her apparitions. I had juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, and my mother was hoping for a cure. It was an incredible experience that I will never forget as I was immersed in a giant tub of the flowing water. While I wasn’t healed immediately, shortly after our visit, I was aware that I would be. As time went on, the once debilitating disease slowly subsided. I still have some stiffness, but it is a reminder to me of where I was, where I could be now, and how merciful God is. Our Diocese celebrated the World Day of the Sick today with Anointing of the Sick at Mass. I took my mom and she was thrilled to be anointed and to have the bishop come up to her after Mass and shake her hand. We also received some holy water from Lourdes. Some 50 years ago, my mom and I brought home some water from Lourdes. I have never run out, and have always had plenty to share with others.

I Found God today in His healing presence.

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