God’s Care

I had a great time at dinner with friends tonight. I told them the story of lunch with my mom and friends yesterday and wondered how long our group would be able to continue our monthly get togethers. This got us talking about our future and what we were planning on doing. I said I don’t plan because my life doesn’t go according to my plan. I take one day at a time. I recounted some of the times God has taken care of me. I have learned that if I’m doing my best to be in God’s will, He will care for me. So, I try not to worry about the future. As I drove home, I contemplated upon the times I could think of when God took care of things much better than my plans with my narrow thinking. I am so grateful for my relationship with Him.

I Found God today contemplating His Loving Care.

2 comments on “God’s Care

  1. I love the hymn: ONE DAY AT A TIME. Your comments were “spot on!” I always think of Fr. Steve’s saying about “living in the moment.” That made a lifelong impression on me.


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