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Friends Still Lunching

Today my mom and I met some of her long time friends for lunch. One of the ladies picked up another who just turned 91 years old. She was struggling a bit to recognize her friends and remember where she met them. She is very sweet and has a very quiet voice. One of the other ladies was having a hard time hearing, which was unusual for her. Everyone really enjoyed their time together, but as I looked at the group from the outside, it was somewhat comical. The oldest woman of the group spoke very softly and was wondering how she met everyone. I interpreted to my mother who has difficulty hearing, and the other woman interpreted to the other friend who was suddenly having a hard time today. As we helped them to hear what each other was saying, we were trying not to be too loud so as to disturb those around us. I was really happy that the ladies were still able to get together and enjoy each other’s company.

I Found God today in enjoyment of long term friends.

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