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Their New Ramp

When my mom is at her Parkinson’s exercise class, I chat with some caregivers of the other participants. Today, one of the ladies whose husband has Parkinson’s showed us a picture of the new ramp in her garage. Her nephew came to visit for a few days with the purpose of constructing a ramp for them. She said he has spent a lot of time on mission trips where he built many ramps and other structures for people who needed them. He also accompanied youth on some of the trips. She said she was grateful for that, as she did her best to help him and he was very patient with her. They were going to see some sites while he was here, but the rainy weather made that less appealing. Instead, he did some work on the landscaping in between raindrops. He sounded like such a caring, giving individual, and the ramp he built was truly a work of art. I thought the woman and her husband are very blessed to have such a nephew.

I Found God today in a loving, talented individual who brought much joy to his family.

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