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91 Year Check Up

My dad turned 91 years old today. It was a joyful morning as he opened lovely greeting cards. Unfortunately, right before lunch he had a weird episode where he was seeing everything double. This combined with the super dizzy episode he had a couple days ago had us very concerned. So I called his PCP. The on call nurse got on the line and I knew what she would say. Potential stroke signals sent us to the ER. My mom’s friend came to stay with her while I took my dad. They did lots of tests including a CT scan and MRI. He was examined by a neurologist and physical therapist. Everyone was super nice and wished my dad happy birthday. After 5 hours, they found nothing other than “age related changes to his brain”. That was a relief. When we arrived home, my son had stopped by to say happy birthday and helped get dinner ready. Then we got on Zoom with the rest of the family to sing happy birthday while I presented the cake. We discussed my dad’s 91 year check up, which was the most complete physical I think he has ever had. There was much to be grateful for again today.

I Found God today in a loyal friend, a helpful son, loving family, kind and thorough hospital staff, and mostly that my dad was healthy enough to be home celebrating his 91st birthday.

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