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Unique Individuals

Today I stopped by the hearing aid place to get some supplies for my parents. Sitting in front of me was a slim, older white man. He wore a pink baseball cap and socks with his sandals. He had a leather bag slung over one shoulder and was carrying a maroon velvet drawstring bag with gold sparkles that held his hearing aid supplies. When they called him to go in, his voice was surprisingly high and soft. A few moments later, a muscular younger black man came out of the door to call for the next patient. He was one of the health care workers. He had long dread locks and tattoos that peaked out from under his short sleeve. When he called the patient’s name, his voice was surprisingly loud and low. To me, these two men were just about as opposite as you can get. Seeing them both there made me smile and chuckle as I greatly appreciated the uniqueness of them – and each one of us.

I Found God today in a striking example of our unique individualism.

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