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New Vision

My mom received a new prescription for eye glasses the last time she visited her ophthalmologist. She had been using reading glasses, but they just weren’t working well any more. Then we made a trip to get some glasses set up for her. Today we picked them up. When my mom put on the glasses, she said, “WOW!” in the loudest voice I have heard come from her in a very long time. The glasses are bifocals, so they will take some getting used to. But, she played with them a lot once we got home. She described what she could see at a distance and up close. She said she hadn’t been able to see so good in years. I was overjoyed that she was so happy with the new glasses. At the same time, I felt bad that she had been having such a hard time. We’re all hoping that these will work out well for her.

I Found God today in my mom’s new vision.

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