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Tonight I met with my prayer group. We read and contemplated the Gospel reading for this upcoming Sunday. In the second part of the reading, Jesus is basically telling His followers not to expect accolades for doing the work that God has called them to do. We are to act on faith, love, and obedience. Our “reward” is eternal life. One of the guys made a statement that cut to my heart. He said it is our duty to do carry out the purpose that God has created us for. And if you’re exhausted, too bad! Just keep on going. That really resonated with me. I usually come to the end of my day exhausted, like so many people. I was telling my friends yesterday that I get up in the morning, ask God for the grace to do my best through that day, to do what He would have me to do, and go to bed thanking Him for all He has done. The next day I get up and do it over again.

I Found God today remembering it is not always easy to do His work.

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